Talent Management Plus™

Make hiring easier with assessment-based internal applicant screening.

Good people are easy to find — with the right tools.

Most companies have a hiring process so complicated that it’s impossible to find a great fit. This broken process leads to hiring decisions based on biases and gut feelings rather than hiring the whole person. This contributes to the costly epidemic of bad hiring – hiring candidates who don’t have the skills needed for the job, are poor cultural fits or are unmotivated by the rewards of the position. Users of TMP enjoy a smarter, more efficient way to hire people matched and inherently motivated and engaged in their work. As a state-of-art system, we remove the guesswork from finding talent, eliminate wasted time usually associated with hiring, and increase employee retention.

How TMP works

TMP is designed to make the hiring process as simple as possible. Whether hiring en masse or for an important executive position, TMP saves time because it helps hiring managers reduce interview length and frequency because candidates are pre-screened and pre-ranked.

Ultimately, TMP helps eliminate bad hires in four easy steps:

  1. Complete a job benchmark for the open position
  2. Create a unique job link for TMP
  3. Provide link to all applicants and post to job boards
  4. Select the best job-matched candidates

Integrations & Features

TMP has the ability to integrate with other applicant screening systems and can be tailored to meet the needs of a company’s unique hiring process.

  • Daily email summary of applicants who match each open position
  • Pre-screening interview questions to narrow applicants
  • Search, filtering and candidate comparison capabilities
  • Master database that stores applicant resumes and assessments for the required seven years

Ready to start eliminating bad hires?

Pricing for TMP is based on and customized to the number of people applying for the job benchmarked positions you are seeking a talent match for.

  • Pricing is based on the number of applicants per month or per year.
  • Choose to pay in one full payment or via monthly payments.
  • A monthly activity report will be generated each month prior to billing to keep users informed of usage.

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