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Previous Address Verification
Social Security Number Trace
50 State Check America National Criminal Database Search
50 State National Sex Offender Registry
County Criminal Record Search
Federal Criminal District Search
Education Verification
Employment Verification

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Our screening services

From social security number verification and I-9 compliance to employment, education and criminal background checks, InfoQuest’s easy-to-use web based system provides you with the important background information you need to make thoroughly informed hiring decisions.

Background checks can make the difference between wasting money on the wrong candidate and investing in the one who is right for your organization. Don’t be fooled by a pleasant appearance or a great resume.

Criminal background and ID

Previous Address and Social Security Trace

This search is the starting point for all comprehensive background checks. Verifies that the social security number was issued by the Social Security Administration and not listed in the files of the deceased as well as indicates the names and addresses associated with the number’s use. Because criminal records are filed by name and date of birth in most cases, this search assists in finding AKA’s, maiden names, aliases, and counties of residence for criminal searches.

Federal Criminal Search

Reveals federal offenses for the jurisdiction(s) of an applicant’s current and/or previous address(es). This search discloses crimes prosecuted at the federal level such as embezzlement, tax evasion, bank robbery, kidnapping, mail fraud and other federal statute violations. Federal convictions are not available through a state or county search.

Statewide Criminal Search

Uncovers criminal records from across the state(s) based on applicant’s current and/or previous address(es). Certain states do not maintain a unified statewide court system.

County Criminal Search

Courts are primarily organized at the County level, and with over 3,100 counties in the United States, the County Criminal Record Search is vitally important when obtaining the most up-to-date felony and misdemeanor records. Identifies criminal records from county level court jurisdictions based on applicant’s current and/or previous address(es).

Check America National Database (C.O.P.S. ®)

C.O.P.S. ® (Criminal Offender Profile Summary) is an instant search of this nationwide criminal records database helps in identifying criminal convictions that occurred outside the jurisdiction of residency. COPS® is best used in conjunction with county or statewide criminal searches.

National Sex Offender Registry

This database is compiled from violent and sex offender registries in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.


An instant government and regulatory watch list search that examines sanctions imposed by a number of U.S. government agencies, foreign governments and international agencies such as INTERPOL. This search identifies individuals linked to terrorism or otherwise listed on government watch lists and aids organizations in their efforts to comply with the USA PATRIOT Act and other regulatory requirements.

Watch Lists and Sanctions

Search an up-to-date database of the most inclusive government published watch lists available. This ensures utilization of accurate data to determine if a subject is barred or has received any type of censure by financial, criminal and/or regulatory authorities globally. This search obtains target data from over 1,500 sources with more than 4 million records and is continuously enhanced with newly identified sources. We continuously monitor global sources to ensure the latest published source lists are acquired and implemented to provide the most current, comprehensive and official sources available at all times.

Watch List and Sanction searches are also configurable by subsets to allow you to customize alongside existing background screening packages. This large compilation of records can also be searched by any combination of the sanctions, terrorism, crime, OFAC, financial, medical, and Sam. Gov / EPLS subsets.

Politically-Exposed Persons (PEP)

This search provides access to the most current and inclusive government published PEP lists available and includes the history of persons of political interest dating as far back as the 1700s. Most financial institutions view a PEP as a potential compliance risk and perform enhanced monitoring of accounts that fall within this category. Official authorities maintain and update target data from over 1,000 sources with more than 3 million records.

A PEP is defined as:

  • a current or former senior official in the executive, legislative, administrative, military, or judicial branch of a foreign government (elected or not)
  • a senior official of a major foreign political party
  • a senior executive of a foreign government-owned commercial enterprise, being a corporation, business or other entity formed by or for the benefit of any such individual
  • an immediate family member of such individual (spouse, parents, siblings, children, and spouse’s parents or siblings)
  • any individual publicly known (or actually known by the relevant financial institution) to be a close personal or professional associate
Global Adverse Media

Search thousands of global news sources for articles of interest from breaking news, current events, and relevant media dating back to the early 1900s. Enhanced due diligence is available through the utilization of this search on a person or business entity. The Global Adverse Media search is based on a proprietary process that searches for data matches of thousands of adverse keyword strings to obtain results. These data extracts are 100% behavioral and are not based only on a subject’s name. This process exposes any subjects considered as a person of interest, but does not return unwarranted information. Only returning data of concern, it streamlines the adjudication process for the user. This functionality is many times more dynamic than the delimited data files obtained through similar solutions.

Resume verification services


In keeping with the highest professional standards, our skilled investigators obtain vital information about the applicant’s character and job history via telephone, email, automated database and by letter where necessary. We go beyond date and position verification to get the information you need.


Verifies degree and/or education level indicated by applicant.

Professional License

Verifies professional licenses for educators, CPA’s, attorneys, medical professionals and other licensed employees.

Additional services

Motor Vehicle Record

Driving records can show arrests and convictions for driving while intoxicated, a history of reckless behavior, and the validity of the license. This check, by state, may uncover applicants with substance abuse and other behavioral problems.


Verifies the eligibility of an employee to work in the United States. Requires completed DHS Form I-9.

Employment Credit Report

Provides insight into an applicant’s financial responsibility as well as verify previous employment and past address information.

FACIS Medical Checks

Searches federal and state agencies to identify health care providers with histories of disciplinary actions and disqualifications. FACIS Level III includes the OIG Medical Check Search.

Workers Compensation Report

Some people make a living off of worker’s comp claims, others apply for jobs requiring physical exertion when they know they are susceptible to injury. This report shows accident dates and types of injuries and must be used within ADA guidelines (not available in all states).

Criminal Monitoring Service

Our 24/7/365 criminal monitoring offers a recurring criminal records search service that enables organizations to stay abreast of criminal activity committed by current employees.

Nationwide drug testing

Accredited by the Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association (DATIA), our testing affiliate meets the highest standards in regulatory compliance, company service standards, specimen handling, operation practices, business ethics and facility equipment.

All testing is done through laboratories certified by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) and all presumptive positive test results are confirmed through the use of GC/MS testing (gas chromatograph/mass spectrometer), the “gold standard” in the testing industry.

5 Panel Non-DOT Drug Test

Tests for cocaine, marijuana, amphetamines, opiates & PCP. Pricing includes screening test, GC/MS confirmation if necessary and collection of specimen.

4 Panel Non-DOT Drug Test

Tests for cocaine, amphetamines, opiates & PCP. Pricing includes screening test, GC/MS confirmation if necessary and collection of specimen. Compared to 5 panel test, excludes THC and is primarily meant for states that have legalized marijuana.

10 Panel Non-DOT Drug Test

Tests for 5 panel and adds methaqualone, methadone benzodiazepines, barbiturates & propoxyphene. Pricing includes screening test, GC/MS confirmation if necessary and collection of specimen.

9 Panel Non-DOT Drug Test

Tests for 4 panel (compared to 5 panel test, excludes THC and is primarily meant for states that have legalized marijuana) and adds methaqualone, methadone benzodiazepines, barbiturates & propoxyphene. Pricing includes screening test, GC/MS confirmation if necessary and collection of specimen.

Dept. of Transportation/SAMHSA Drug Test

Tests for cocaine, marijuana, amphetamines, opiates & PCP. Pricing includes screening test, GC/MS confirmation if necessary, collection of specimen, split specimen handling, and MRO review of all results as required by the DOT.

Random Program Management

Computerized selection of employees chosen for random testing. May be done weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or semi-annually.

Medical Review Officer (MRO) Standard Services

Review of non-negative test results by a licensed medical doctor. The MRO will review the chain of custody documentation, the laboratory test findings and will speak with the donor/employee to determine if there are legitimate medical explanations for the test result. (Note: Additional charges may apply if MRO must provide a more comprehensive review.)

Nicotine Testing

A nicotine test actually tests for cotinine – the metabolite of nicotine. This test can be administered through urine panels at nationwide lab facilities or oral fluid panels which are self-administered and then mailed to the lab. Nicotine tests are being used by companies who encourage lower employee premiums through a smoking cessation program.

Substance Abuse Policy

Our experts will work with you to create a comprehensive “model” substance abuse policy and program procedures manual. The substance policy may be customized for a company’s specific needs.

International background checks and credit reports

Our international screening services span the globe, covering more than 250 countries and territories. A compliment to our national screening services, international screening is critical for candidates that have spent extended time abroad.

InfoQuest takes global security laws and compliance very seriously following the laws of the country we’re searching as well as the country the report is being requested by. This includes, but is not limited to, FCRA, GDPR, Omnibus, PIPEDA, and APEC guidelines.

In many countries, credit and finance reports are available that pull from government registries, courts, banks, and trade lines when available. Before trusting someone with your company’s money and resources, use these reports to ensure they’re able to handle their own.

Additionally, reporting on criminal and civil records are available in most countries. These reports enable you to protect yourself from hidden liabilities and ensure those you work with are in good standing legally and financially.

Download a full list of services available by country, or contact us to learn more about the international screening services we offer.

“InfoQuest has made the application and background screening processes so much easier for our HR department over the past year. After partnering with InfoQuest, we have saved countless hours in processing and we can finally forget about manual entries! The back office design of the website has made it easy to manage/edit our open reqs at the click of a button. The team at InfoQuest is always extremely helpful and I would rate their customer service 10/10. Great service!”


Legal Services Industry — Dallas, TX

FCRA compliance management

Our industry experts help ensure compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act for organizations that rely on consumer reports in their screening and hiring processes.

Utilizing your online results dashboard, you can choose which applicants need to receive Adverse Action notices. Our background screening system then automates the scheduling and delivery of Adverse Action notifications.


FCRA-related documents:
What is a consumer report?

The term “consumer report” is defined broadly by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and includes criminal background reports, credit history reports and other background checks. Employers must comply with the FCRA if they make employment decisions (such as hiring, promotion, termination) based on a consumer report.

What is Adverse Action?

“Adverse Action” is defined as a denial of employment or any other decision for employment purposes based in whole or in part on a consumer report that adversely affects any current or prospective employee. Employers that take adverse action against an applicant or employee must follow the two notice provisions of the FCRA.

Step 1:

Step 2:

Social media screening

With our streamlined searching and reporting technology, social media screening can be a fast, efficient and compliant part of your hiring process. The challenge for hiring professionals is that leveraging the value of social media and publicly available internet information is a time-consuming, manual effort that requires specialized knowledge. Our social media screening saves you time and removes the need for you to know how to search the myriad of social media sites.

By simply entering known demographic details on your target individual, InfoQuest scours social media and public sites with a review of all results by trained researchers. This report is then delivered in a ready-to-use format with information on the candidate or employee you are hiring.

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