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Social media screening

Are you spending time looking for your applicants on social media? Are you seeing posts that could be covered under discriminatory hiring practices if you choose not to move forward with that applicant? Let InfoQuest HR protect you and follow strict FCRA guidelines to ensure that you are staying compliant. We will search through all major Social Media platforms for any public posts containing explicit language, images, drug and alcohol content, any company or industry specific keywords that your company may need, as well as our list of flagged content to ensure that any public posts that exist that could become an issue for your company are found, without allowing you to see any information that could be misconstrued as something you could discriminate against the applicant for.

With our streamlined searching and reporting technology, social media screening can be a fast, efficient and compliant part of your hiring process. The challenge for hiring professionals is that leveraging the value of social media and publicly available internet information is a time-consuming, manual effort that requires specialized knowledge. Our social media screening saves you time and removes the need for you to know how to search the myriad of social media sites.

By simply entering known demographic details on your target individual, InfoQuest scours social media and public sites with a review of all results by trained researchers. This report is then delivered in a ready-to-use format with information on the candidate or employee you are hiring.

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Exit Interviews

When employees leave your company, are you leaving information about why on the table? Every employee who chooses (or sometimes is asked to) leave your company walks out the door with a wealth of information and opinions on why this workplace was not a good fit for them. You can ask these questions yourself, but if you know this employee personally, there is always a chance they don’t share everything because they feel uncomfortable saying things in person. Let InfoQuest HR help with this. We as a third party are able to unbiasedly ask questions and discern more details.

We will reach out via email and telephone to your employees during their last days at the company to schedule the exit interview, which is conducted via telephone. We have a standard set of questions we can ask, or we can add or substitute any questions specific to your company. We ask questions regarding benefits, company communication, compensation, job duties, and many other aspects of their position.

Stay Interviews

Do you have star employees that you absolutely want to make sure stay with your company? Don’t wait until it’s too late to ask the questions about how they feel about their job and workplace. Great to do on work anniversaries, or when changes in the company are being considered. We ask similar questions to Exit Interviews, but focus more on what they do appreciate and consider benefits about being there, and what could draw them away and make them accept an offer elsewhere. Are they satisfied with compensation, benefits, management styles, etc? Have they been offered any other positions, and if so what made them choose to stay with your company? Find out what it takes to retain this top tier talent that you have on staff.

Tenant Screening

Are you looking to rent out your property to a new tenant? Let InfoQuest help you vet your potential renters to protect your assets. We are able to get rental references from former landlords, credit reports, eviction reports, criminal records, and employment/income verifications. Be sure you stay compliant while still covering yourself. In connection with our partner, Alcala Property Management, we can provide these reports as well as the peace of mind of knowing that your tenant has a solid history.

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