What tools are in your Talent Management Toolbox?

Recruiting and retaining top talent is a high priority for any organization experiencing growth. Designated recruiters and HR departments will spend thousands of hours advertising, interviewing, screening, etc. But in the heat of these thousands of hours, it’s easy to overlook whether we are working SMART as well as working HARD. Today we will discuss some of the pitfalls of old/dated recruiting methods, and what kinds of solutions are available for the hiring manager of 2017.

So what tools are you using to recruit? Believe it or not, many times we find that companies are still plugging away the old-fashioned way: paper applications, manual calendars, MAYBE Excel spreadsheets…

While these methods have proven to get the job done for many years, they aren’t exactly the pinnacle of efficiency. For example, 15 years ago a job opening in your organization would typically be on the radar of candidates in your immediate vicinity. Fast forward to today, and a job opening in South Carolina could have an audience in Boston, Los Angeles, Sioux Falls, or Dallas all thanks to the magic of the Internet. This means a hiring professional is going to have a huge amount of submissions to sort through. It also means that the old paper-and-spreadsheet methods are going to eat up valuable time with manual entry instead of interacting with and finding the best of the best of the best.

With all of this piling up, what is the solution?

It’s not as difficult as you may believe. If technology has opened the door to a wider candidate audience, then that very same technology can be used as leverage in YOUR favor to narrow down the perfect fit.

Start by upgrading how you accept job applications. We recommend the use of an applicant tracking system to create a consistent and compliant hiring process. Some key features our platform in particular boasts:

  • Web based pre-screen questions
  • Online job application and authorization
  • Centralized dashboard
  • Integrated background screening and drug testing
  • Compliance management tools and resources

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