Partner Post – Hiring Trends That Continue to Dominate

Today’s blog comes to us from our partner company TTI Success Insights and their Content Specialist, Dina Giovale.

Strong relationships key to talent acquisition success

Some areas in recruiting — such as using quality data, social professional networks and sourcing passive candidates — will remain dominant hiring trends in 2016 and beyond. But, have you taken note of the underlying theme that has emerged among these trends? Most require building and maintaining strong relationships – relationships with candidates, cross-functional partners and employees.

The following hiring trends will continue in the future:

Trend No. 1 — Quality of Hire
Most organizations measure the quality of hire through low employee turnover, which points to employee retention moving up as a leading priority for talent leaders. Other common metrics to measure a quality hire are giving feedback acquired through new hire performance evaluations and conducting hiring manager satisfaction surveys. Identifying commonalities of your rock star employees can help you hone in on similar profiles in your hiring candidates. Using assessments like Talent Insights or TriMetrix can help you identify the common threads in current and potential employees to make more quality hiring decisions.

Trend No. 2 — Employee Referrals
The best organizations are getting nearly 50 percent of their hires from employee referrals (ERE). According to Jobvite Index, referred employees have a longer tenure. Plus, job performance is also higher in employee referrals. This is a prime opportunity to strengthen, or start, your own employee referral program. Your employees are the best ambassadors to convey what it is like to work at your organization. They are also a link to sourcing those elusive passive candidates.

Trend No. 3 — Employer Brand
Top organizations are prioritizing their employer’s digital presence with increased spending on social media (e.g. LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter) efforts and improving the company website for recruiting (LinkedIn 2016 Global Recruiting Trends). To best achieve this, talent leaders are partnering with their marketing counterparts to develop proactive branding strategies that engage with potential candidates.

Trend No. 4 — Retention
Employee retention is top of mind among HR leaders. Using the Stress Quotient™ assessment can help identify any stress factors that employees are experiencing. This gives your company the opportunity to proactively have an open dialog about any issues and put a plan in place for any necessary changes.

Concerns about retention will also require you to prioritize internal recruiting. Not many employers have defined programs in place to hire internal candidates. This gives your company an opportunity to stand out as an employer by creating and formalizing internal recruiting processes and maintaining employee relationships to keep them in your hiring pipeline.

Moving forward, strive to build and maintain strong relationships. You will attract more quality candidates, work more effectively with cross-functional partners and have more satisfied employees who stay long-term and recruit others who are the best of their professional network.

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