5 Points of Focus for Hiring

The world of hiring is an ever-changing tapestry of different strategies and personalities, and this year is shaping up to continue that trend. Here are some points of focus that we at InfoQuest have found helpful in scouting the right talent

1. Think “Candidate’s Market.”

Companies are hiring for sure, but the talent pool is shrinking in comparison to job availability. Make sure the candidate knows that you actively want them to be there (so long as they are a good fit, of course.) With multiple offers and interviews becoming more common, applicants know that they have options out there. You want your option to be one they are excited about.

2. Hire Character, Train Skill.

Don’t overlook the entry-level! There is a lot of untapped talent out there, and employees who grow with companies tend to stay with companies. Focus your search on finding driven people who mesh with company core values, and then watch them flourish as they take on new tasks.

3. Social Media is Here to Stay.

As Generation Z begins to infiltrate the workforce, you may notice that reliance on social media is growing to an all-time high. While you want to discourage lack of productivity, you will also want to realize that if your employees are relying on Social Media, so are potential clients. Leverage that with savvy hires who know how to identify trends, themes, and best posting times to keep your organization visible in the most optimized way.

4. Check your Culture.

….because you can be sure others are checking it for you. Glassdoor, Vault, and Indeed have made it incredibly easy for candidates to find out what working in an organization is truly like before ever sitting down in the interview chair. Yes, there is always a chance that a disgruntled former employee could be making negative comments, but if you can mitigate that risk by addressing where your culture could be strengthened, your online presence can reflect that.

5. Streamline your Application Process.

According to iCIMS, 68% of job seekers who abandon an application do so because “the process was too long or required too much information.” There are plenty of organizations out there with a rigorous 60-90 minute application process. This is entirely too long and first impressions mean everything for both the candidate and the organization. We recommend using an integrated suite including applicant tracking, background screening, reference checking, and talent assessments!

Obviously this isn’t an exhaustive list, but we believe these 5 strategies are a fantastic start to put your organization in a position of strength as the talent pool adds a new generation.

Now that we’ve mapped out a strategy, is your hiring process 100% compliant?

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