4 Ways to Strengthen Your Recruiting

Are you still in the recruitment “stone age?” Take a look at these 4 easy tips to strengthen your recruiting for 2016.

1) Start with an Applicant Tracking System

If you haven’t automated your application process, you are hurting yourself in a couple of ways. For one, it ties up HR and hiring managers from being able to focus time on interacting with candidates and getting a feel of their fit into the organization. For another, it can turn off potential applicants, so much so that 68% of job seekers who abandon a job application do so because “the process was too long or required too much information,” according to iCIMS.

2) Create an Employee Referral Program

Employees who are referred tend to stick around longer and perform better than cold applicants. The clear factor there is that current employees are more likely to refer affable acquaintances who they know will fit in well and enjoy the job. Seeing how turnover is a tremendous cost to any organization, it makes sense to go for the low-hanging fruit. A good way to get a referral program started is to offer an incentive to employees who refer successful candidates, be it monetary or otherwise.

3) Source on Social Media

Sometimes a little bit of selling is involved in recruiting great people, and many of the greatest could be out there not even knowing that your position is the one they’ve always wanted! Poke around on LinkedIn using their Advanced Search feature and reach out to qualified candidates. You might surprise yourself with what you find!

4) Go Mobile

Mobile is here to stay, and job board sites are hip to that fact. Bringing your application to the mobile realm will expand your potential audience in an exponential way over traditional recruiting tactics. If you’re currently having difficulty finding qualified candidates, it makes sense to open that window. A mobile presence will help bring more candidates to YOU.

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